The Mission

Who are we?

We created this project to change the image of fly fishing, present its other side and hidden beauty and show how it can be respectful of the environment; all in an entertaining and informative content.

Our mission is to push the limits and boundaries of fly fishing around the world. Pushing tackle to the max and testing our skills as fly fishing anglers, we will continue to fish and film in untouched territory. We will risk life and limb to make this dream come true. Chasing the salty dream around the world, making this our reality.

To finance these projects we have created a website where it will be possible to buy our films. You will also be able to get a lot of interesting information about our destinations and watch some fly fishing tutorials videos to give you great tips on techniques to help your fishing be successful.



Alexis Pageau

Alexis Pageau Owner & Director, Fly Fisherman

I have always been fascinated by nature, by the duality between its force and fragility.

I have been travelling around the world for 5 years now, driven by my obsession to find the best fishing spots. I had the chance to chase mythic species in Alaska, Costa-Rica, Nicaragua, Australia, New Zealand and more. All these trips made me learn something about myself, that my hunger for fishing is never satisfied. On my last fishing trip, I met Jonathan Jones, that crazy OZ. We have the same passion for fly fishing. We had the same vision for the sport, we wanted it to be younger, more dynamic and intense, but also with an ecologic side.

This is why we decided to create this ambitious and almost crazy project.